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Business Contracts

Contracts are essential in our business and personal lives. Some contracts are verbal, but most are written. Their enforceability is dependent upon a variety of factors. Contracts set forth an agreement between parties and the respective obligations and benefit of each party.

Business Contracts

While the creation of contracts is important to everyone, they are essential in business. Business contracts are important from the formation of a company to its hiring, questions, expansion and sale. The business attorneys at The Law Office of Knellinger & Associates are familiar with the Florida laws governing contracts and have experience with developing and reviewing a variety of contract types that can help your business run efficiently and safely.

Many business contracts are complex and can be difficult to understand. Avoid a potential legal problem by calling our office to have an attorney help you create contracts that are clear and detailed. We can help you with contracts such as:

  • Confidentiality agreements, which are designed to protect your proprietary and intellectual property.

  • Employment contracts, which define duties and expectations in employment.

  • Non-compete agreements, which protect investments in training employees.

  • Purchase and sale agreements, which creatively provide opportunities for a new venture or a profitable exit from an old one.

  • Settlement agreements, which can effectively resolve disputes instead of pursuing expensive litigation.

  • Shareholder agreements for corporations, which can address in advance such issues as how the company will operate, who will perform which duties, what remuneration one might expect and exit strategies such as buying or selling interests in the company and retirement. Similar agreements pertain to limited liability companies.

  • Licensing agreements, which allow you to utilize someone else’s inventions or other intellectual property or to allow you to market your own.

  • Leases of real estate or personal property such as equipment.

  • Warranties to limit or expand the expectations of the parties.

Contract Disputes

A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties involved in the contract fails to fulfill its obligations under the contract. Whether you have been accused of breaching a contract or another party has failed to meet its obligations, our business lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you resolve the dispute.

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