AxoGen is located in Alachua, Florida, but will soon merge with LecTec, which is based in Texas. AxoGen, founded in 2002, creates products that improve peripheral nerve damage and assist both surgeons and patients. Damage to peripheral nerves can impair the ability to maintain strength in the muscles and perform simple actions or movements. AxoGen’s products are used to alleviate peripheral nerve damage in both soldiers and civilians by repairing, connecting and protecting tissue.

When privately owned, AxoGen and its partner Cook Biotech, licensed technology from the University of Texas and accumulated significant funding from other investors. The merger between AxoGen and LecTec is expected to help AxoGen expand and market its products.

LecTec recently won an intellectual property lawsuit, which provided the funds they are using to invest in AxoGen. The new company will operate under the AxoGen name and  LecTec shareholders are expected to approve the deal in September, which provides for the company to invest $10.5 million in AxoGen plus an additional $2 million, if needed.

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