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Avoiding conflict and representing either party in DV proceedings Domestic Violence has been described as a “pattern of interaction” in which one partner is forced to change his or her behavior in response to threats or abuse by the other partner1. The fact of domestic violence rarely takes into consideration the surrounding circumstances that cause […]

What is jurisdiction? Before you bring a lawsuit before any court, whether it be a Florida state court or a United States federal court, the court has to have jurisdiction over the issues of your case. Jurisdiction is the power of a court to make a decision concerning your case and to issue orders that […]

Attorney Fees – Flat Fee vs. Hourly Rate Question from potential client: Dear Mr. Knellinger, How much would it cost someone to setup a new LLC or Corporation, including drafting an operating agreement, buy/sell agreements or bylaws, etc.? Additionally, what is the charge for handling contract review, handling employment matters, including, without limitation, hiring, firing, […]

Buying an Existing Business: Part 2 This article will address what a purchaser should consider before purchasing an existing business. Part 1 of this article addressed why a person should consider buying an existing business. Part 3 will address the legal impact of buying an existing business. What to consider when purchasing an existing business? […]