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What is jurisdiction? Before you bring a lawsuit before any court, whether it be a Florida state court or a United States federal court, the court has to have jurisdiction over the issues of your case. Jurisdiction is the power of a court to make a decision concerning your case and to issue orders that […]

Attorney Fees – Flat Fee vs. Hourly Rate Question from potential client: Dear Mr. Knellinger, How much would it cost someone to setup a new LLC or Corporation, including drafting an operating agreement, buy/sell agreements or bylaws, etc.? Additionally, what is the charge for handling contract review, handling employment matters, including, without limitation, hiring, firing, […]

Buying an Existing Business: Part 2 This article will address what a purchaser should consider before purchasing an existing business. Part 1 of this article addressed why a person should consider buying an existing business. Part 3 will address the legal impact of buying an existing business. What to consider when purchasing an existing business? […]