Starting a business inspired by a passion can be a risky and intimidating journey, but it can also lead to rewarding and life-changing results. Fitz Koehler’s Gainesville-based fitness company, Fitzness International, proves this to be true. Koehler originally came to Gainesville as an undergraduate student at the University of Florida with a passion for exercise and has spent the last 20 years turning her hobby and healthy lifestyle into her dream career.

Koehler began her career serving as the fitness director for a cruise ship company and then became an instructor on the Cardio Jam television series. She then enrolled in graduate school and earned her master’s degree in exercise and sports science.

Koehler’s company, Fitzness, has a unique philosophy in that the focus is not on fad-diets and expensive weight loss techniques. Instead, Koehler encourages healthy eating, regular exercise, and the general overall improvement of the client’s health. Fitzness is designed to cater to the needs of every individual, regardless of age and current state of fitness health.

Fitzness has flourished into an international company, which includes a website that features online interview segments with celebrities such as Bruce Jenner and Brooke Shields. The company has also grown significantly as a result of Koehler’s writing endeavors and her radio and television segments. She has written articles for well-known online sources and women’s and fitness magazines, and she is the author of several books that focus on fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Starting and maintaining a successful company like Fitzness is no easy task, and ensuring the well-being and growth of a new company is also challenging. Proper planning and good decision making are crucial to ensuring the success of a business, and with these tools it is possible to turn a passion into a successful career as Fitz Koehler has done.

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