John and Carole Rio breed and raise animals at Rosegrove Thoroughbred Farm in Ocala, Florida.  Both husband and wife grew up around animals and enjoy participating in day-to-day farm activities. Additionally, they enjoy taking the time to give their animals plenty of personalized attention, which means they get to know the animals very well. This year, the Rios’ care, knowledge and breeding abilities have caught the attention of judges, resulting in some of their animals receiving champion status.

The Rios were delighted when their dog, Marlex Classic Red Glare, was awarded first place at the 2011 Westminster Dog Show in the miniature pinscher category. In addition to Marlex Classic Red Glare’s recent win, the Rios have had two other dogs win top spots for their breeds in past Westminster Dog Shows.

Less than a week after Marlex Classic Red Glare’s victory, one of the Rios’ horses, Mucho Macho Man, won the Risen Star Stakes Race, advancing him on the list of Kentucky Derby contenders. The Rios acknowledge that the combination of Mucho Macho Man’s lanky physique and his June birthday made him difficult to sell initially since colts born closer to January who have a more athletic, solid appearance are favored. Mucho Macho Man is currently owned by Reeves Thoroughbred Racing and Dream Team Racing Stable, but the Rios still have a minority share in this special horse. Given Mucho Macho Man’s proven speed, his owners have already rejected sales offers well over two million dollars and are excited by his new rank on the list of possible Kentucky Derby winners.

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