Workers who are not involved in the profession may envy teachers’ hours, their summer breaks, and their school vacations. Nevertheless, those outside of the profession may not realize the tight line that teachers straddle between teaching students, managing classrooms, interacting with administrators and satisfying parents. In addition to their many hats, teachers are now faced with dealing with legislative cuts and state standard requirements that are affecting their abilities to teach effectively.

In some districts, teachers’ evaluations and raises are also being more closely tied to students’ performances on standardized tests. Furthermore, the time period and age requirement to receive full pension benefits has been increased by three years. Thus, teachers are working harder than ever to balance the demands of the legislature and the needs of the students while their benefits are being cut or taking longer to accrue.

Districts are feeling the pinch of losing qualified teachers because of the changes and are worried that the increasingly high volume of retirements may impact students’ education. Districts know that senior teachers are familiar with the curriculum and have the expertise to mentor beginning teachers. Thus, they help many districts maintain their quality of education.

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