Our days of waiting in line for tickets may soon be over. For several years now, airlines, movie theaters, and other industries have been successful in utilizing a ticketing system that includes online check-ins and at-home ticket printing, and theme parks may be the next to jump on board.
Installation of a no-line ticketing process for amusement parks has been attempted before by Cygnus, a company that possessed successful software, but poor management. Cygnus’ internal issues caused a decrease in customer satisfaction and financial strains that nearly caused the company to fail.

Despite Cygnus’ downfalls, Steve Brown took on the role of CEO for the company in 2007. Brown had previously acquired extensive experience in the theme park industry while serving as vice president of ticket strategy and sales for Six Flags and also working for Disney for 16 years. Seeing an opportunity in fine-tuning the no-line concept, Brown completely reorganized the company, renamed it “Accesso”, and turned the business around.

Along with internal alterations, Brown also changed the way in which the no-line concept would be implemented and utilized by his customers. Previously, Cygnus would sell a software program to the theme park that had to be installed on the park’s servers and overseen by their own staff. Alternatively, Accesso’s technology involves storage of its applications on a remotely hosted server, or “cloud”, that can be accessed through the internet.

This change in structure allows the client, the theme park that is supplying the easy-ticket service, to bear less of the burden that is associated with the software, and Accesso can now better satisfy its customers. A second upgrade that Brown has employed is the availability of Accesso’s services via iPhone and Android apps, which allows park visitors to simply purchase a ticket with their smartphone and scan the actual phone at the park entrance. This has eliminated the additional step of printing an online-bought ticket at home, and ticket purchasers will no longer have to worry about potentially forgetting to bring their ticket with them.

This modernized service is not only useful for large parks such as Disney or Sea World, but local zoos and other small venues can efficiently offer this ticketing system, as well.

Steve Brown used his knowledge of theme park ticketing trends and his innovative ideas to successfully turn around a business that was on the brink of failure. If you are interested in restructuring your business or starting a new one, our business attorneys at the Law Office of Knellinger & Associates can help you with everything from choosing the best corporate structure for your business to drafting contracts. Our office can also assist you with protecting your intellectual property if you have created a new product or have an idea for a new product. Call us today to schedule an appointment and let our Gainesville business lawyers help with your business.

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