Pursuing your passion can allow you to enjoy your work and lead to success. Gainesville jewelry designer, Bernard Reller, learned how to work with metals from his father, but his passion and interests ultimately allowed him to find his niche in a business that is successful and meaningful to him. Formerly a pilot and treasure diver, Reller began helping his father craft precious metals in Miami, Florida.

At that time, Reller’s father specialized in making cigarette cases and other metal boxes. Bernard helped with lost wax casting, which is a way to create a pattern that can be duplicated on metal to embellish it. Reller enjoyed creating patterns and gradually began to create his own detailed designs, which often mirrored his interests in the sea and sailing. Eventually his distinctive style earned him an outstanding reputation and he branched out from his father’s business. Currently, he has a studio in Gainesville and spends the majority of his time designing jewelry.

Because of his nautical jewelry specialty, he has been commissioned to create jewelry out of sunken treasure. Now he has expanded his art and his business to creating many diverse lines of jewelry. Reller has designed a line of pirate-themed jewelry and has also created Swamp Gold, which features Gator-themed jewelry. Additionally, he designed a line of aviation-themed jewelry inspired by his love of flying.

Bernard Reller not only enjoys designing jewelry, he also markets his creations. He identified the need for self-adjustable rings that can accommodate the changing sizes of female fingers, and has begun to market them. His jewelry is sold in jewelry galleries  and other stores. He uses the Internet to display and sell his jewelry, as well.

As his success continues to grow, he is determined to maintain the quality and customer service that his father provided to his customers. His dedication to his craft and his customers helps his business flourish.

Like Bernard Reller, many entrepreneurs aspire to a career that allows them to make money doing what they love. This does not happen by accident. It takes planning and good business decisions.

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