Gainesville restaurant owner and executive chef, Bert Gill, is enjoying success and growth with several restaurants in the area. He attributes much of his success to learning from mentors and working in the industry.

Although Gill originally intended to graduate from the University of Florida, he left the University and began working in the food business.  He had enjoyed the food industry as a teenager. Eventually, he attended the New England Culinary School.

Gill also learned from his mistakes along the way. Early in his career, he interviewed for a job at the Four Seasons in the Boston area. The chef wanted to hire him, but Gill also had to interview with human resources. Gill scheduled the meeting, but he responded to interview questions as though he had the job already and simply needed the details of the position. Ultimately, he was told that his attitude was unacceptable and he did not get the job. Through this experience, he learned that the right attitude is important no matter your confidence in your abilities.

Instead, he obtained a job at the Pillar House in Boston. He quickly advanced to the position of executive chef. This job required him to oversee budgeting and acquire management skills. Despite his success at Pillar House, he left after five years.  He aspired to opening his own restaurant and believed he could have a better lifestyle in a less expensive area.

Eventually, Gill moved to the Gainesville area. He opened and operated a restaurant for the owners of Mildred’s of Micanopy. The restaurant was originally a sandwich shop, but he noticed that dinner was their busiest time. He restructured the business and created another restaurant that used the same kitchen, but focused on dinner fare. Currently, he operates Mildred’s Big City Food, which offers cold lunches and bistro style dining for dinner, and New Deal Café, which offers casual hot lunches. He later opened another restaurant, Ti Amo!.  Ti Amo! utilized the same facility, but Gill recently decided to close it to focus his energies on his newest venture, Blue Gill. He found that managing Ti Amo! independently was challenging, so he now uses a management style that incorporates all of his restaurants regardless of their location.

Blue Gill, a restaurant with native Florida cuisine, is located in the Shands Cancer Center garage, and offers the convenience of ordering and paying for food electronically via a computer or telephone. This new restaurant also delivers to the hospital.

Increasing the number of restaurants Gill owns also increases his staff, inventory, and suppliers. Whether you are in the restaurant business or another industry, it is crucial to use the experience of a knowledgeable business attorney when expanding your business. Our business attorneys at the Law Office of Knellinger & Associates can help you with various contracts such as leases and employment contracts, assist with negotiations with suppliers and distributors, and help you decide the best way to structure your expansion.

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