Brame, Heck Architects, originally founded by Newbold Goin, has undergone many name changes throughout its century in business. Throughout their one hundred years, the company has established community roots. Among the many buildings the firm has designed are local schools, a local hospital and various types of commercial buildings and housing located in the Gainesville area.

When Billy Brame became an employee of Moore, May, and Harrington Architects in 1973, he never anticipated staying for years or becoming a partner. Recently, he celebrated Brame Architect’s 100th anniversary. The company designs buildings and works closely with engineers, plumbers and other consultants to arrange and design buildings that are functional, attractive and meet clients’ needs.

During his time at Brame Architects, Billy Brame has watched the firm move forward with the times. When he originally joined the team, plans were sketched by hand. Now plans are designed using a computer, and 3-D models are often created. Staying in business for a century also required the firm to adjust to the economy in both plentiful and unfortunate times. During the recent economic decline, the firm reduced its staff and shortened its work week. Fortunately, the economy is improving, so the firm is able to hire additional staff as work increases.

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Years ago, the University of Florida set out to create Innovation Hub, a business complex and commercial center. Gradually plans expanded to Innovation Square, which will include science and technology areas, restaurants, and housing.

More recently, the University of Florida excitedly shared its plans for the area with the community and University of Florida representatives indicate that the plans may develop even further into surrounding areas. Plans include increasing the size the project so it encompasses the district more fully and will ultimately help revitalize the community. The University of Florida expects to create a district that will enhance the economy. Developers aim to create an environment that offers the best features of urban living. Residents, business owners and community members will be able to walk throughout the area and enjoy restaurants and shopping.

The Gainesville City Commission has recently approved variances for the project, which should increase zoning approval speed as modifications occur or new ideas are integrated into the project. The University of Florida has plans to charge fees to local businesses that will be part of Innovation District. The fees would help cover the costs of maintaining the area, providing sanitation services and marketing expenditures.

Although plans for expanding are not firmly set, considerations include housing for graduate students on University Avenue. The University of Florida is also considering expanding the Santa Fe College sector into a campus that can service additional students.

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A celebration was held recently to honor the tenth anniversary of the Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center (GTEC). Ten years ago, the City of Gainesville and the area’s Chamber of Commerce combined forces to help local companies and inventors fund technological innovations. Additionally, GTEC also gives seminars about technology. The support of GTEC has helped increase the job market for workers with advanced skill sets and has helped provide monetary benefits to the community.

There were several speakers at the event. Conchi Osa, a well-known Gainesville economic developer, discussed how the City and Chamber created a partnership to foster the growth of technology. Todd Chase, City Commissioner, centered his speech on how GTEC evolved by overcoming challenges. He said he feels confident that GTEC will continue to support entrepreneurs, so they can create and perfect new technology. Ethan Fieldman, a previous Cade Prize winner, also spoke at the celebration.

Past recipients of GTEC’s assistance include Sinmat, a company recognized by President Obama for advances with semiconductors and WiPower, which created a wireless charging mat. GTEC has also helped many other companies make technological contributions throughout the Gainesville area. This year the largest Cade Prize award went to Florida Sustainables, a company that makes green, biodegradable plastics. The $50,000 prize covers a year’s rent at GTEC and $5,000 for legal services. Several other companies also received monetary awards for legal services including Synogen, Infinite Energy, Exatech, and NovaMin Technology.

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Gainesville restaurant owner and executive chef, Bert Gill, is enjoying success and growth with several restaurants in the area. He attributes much of his success to learning from mentors and working in the industry.

Although Gill originally intended to graduate from the University of Florida, he left the University and began working in the food business.  He had enjoyed the food industry as a teenager. Eventually, he attended the New England Culinary School.

Gill also learned from his mistakes along the way. Early in his career, he interviewed for a job at the Four Seasons in the Boston area. The chef wanted to hire him, but Gill also had to interview with human resources. Gill scheduled the meeting, but he responded to interview questions as though he had the job already and simply needed the details of the position. Ultimately, he was told that his attitude was unacceptable and he did not get the job. Through this experience, he learned that the right attitude is important no matter your confidence in your abilities.

Instead, he obtained a job at the Pillar House in Boston. He quickly advanced to the position of executive chef. This job required him to oversee budgeting and acquire management skills. Despite his success at Pillar House, he left after five years.  He aspired to opening his own restaurant and believed he could have a better lifestyle in a less expensive area.

Eventually, Gill moved to the Gainesville area. He opened and operated a restaurant for the owners of Mildred’s of Micanopy. The restaurant was originally a sandwich shop, but he noticed that dinner was their busiest time. He restructured the business and created another restaurant that used the same kitchen, but focused on dinner fare. Currently, he operates Mildred’s Big City Food, which offers cold lunches and bistro style dining for dinner, and New Deal Café, which offers casual hot lunches. He later opened another restaurant, Ti Amo!.  Ti Amo! utilized the same facility, but Gill recently decided to close it to focus his energies on his newest venture, Blue Gill. He found that managing Ti Amo! independently was challenging, so he now uses a management style that incorporates all of his restaurants regardless of their location.

Blue Gill, a restaurant with native Florida cuisine, is located in the Shands Cancer Center garage, and offers the convenience of ordering and paying for food electronically via a computer or telephone. This new restaurant also delivers to the hospital.

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Pursuing your passion can allow you to enjoy your work and lead to success. Gainesville jewelry designer, Bernard Reller, learned how to work with metals from his father, but his passion and interests ultimately allowed him to find his niche in a business that is successful and meaningful to him. Formerly a pilot and treasure diver, Reller began helping his father craft precious metals in Miami, Florida.

At that time, Reller’s father specialized in making cigarette cases and other metal boxes. Bernard helped with lost wax casting, which is a way to create a pattern that can be duplicated on metal to embellish it. Reller enjoyed creating patterns and gradually began to create his own detailed designs, which often mirrored his interests in the sea and sailing. Eventually his distinctive style earned him an outstanding reputation and he branched out from his father’s business. Currently, he has a studio in Gainesville and spends the majority of his time designing jewelry.

Because of his nautical jewelry specialty, he has been commissioned to create jewelry out of sunken treasure. Now he has expanded his art and his business to creating many diverse lines of jewelry. Reller has designed a line of pirate-themed jewelry and has also created Swamp Gold, which features Gator-themed jewelry. Additionally, he designed a line of aviation-themed jewelry inspired by his love of flying.

Bernard Reller not only enjoys designing jewelry, he also markets his creations. He identified the need for self-adjustable rings that can accommodate the changing sizes of female fingers, and has begun to market them. His jewelry is sold in jewelry galleries  and other stores. He uses the Internet to display and sell his jewelry, as well.

As his success continues to grow, he is determined to maintain the quality and customer service that his father provided to his customers. His dedication to his craft and his customers helps his business flourish.

Like Bernard Reller, many entrepreneurs aspire to a career that allows them to make money doing what they love. This does not happen by accident. It takes planning and good business decisions.

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Business travelers constantly face the problem of driving many hours for a meeting when a flight is too expensive or unavailable. Sometimes flights are available, but the number of stops turns a short flight into an all day trip. Charter flights are an option, but they are often very costly. Fortunately, DayJet is giving travelers a new option that is time-saving and more efficient for on-demand traveling.

DayJet offers three small passenger jets that provide travelers with the convenience of taking a direct flight without the expense of a charter flight. DayJet operates small jets to many small airports, and offers nonstop flights that may not be available or are unaffordable on other aircraft.

DayJet’s prices fluctuate depending on passenger flexibility. Sophisticated computerized pricing is based on the time frame a passenger is willing to book a flight; the larger the time frame, the more economical the flight. DayJet planes do not have the bells and whistles of large aircraft, but they are still comfortable. Additionally, passengers need to pack carefully because their luggage affects the balance of the small planes.

The company’s services are geared toward businesses and scheduling cannot be accessed without paying a $250 membership fee. DayJet is focusing on the consistent patron rather than the occasional person who wishes to take an isolated short flight. Nevertheless, DayJet is filling a need for providing affordable, convenient business air travel. As travelers take advantage of DayJet’s service, the service between airports is likely to expand.

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The shoes of a racehorse are essential to his performance. Unfortunately, Mucho Macho Man, owned by Patti and Dean Reeves, lost a shoe while racing in the Preakness. Despite his dislodged shoe, Mucho Macho Man managed to finish sixth in the race, but his trainer recognized that it was time for Mucho Macho Man to be fitted for different shoes.
Mucho Macho Man’s new shoes are synthetic shoes affixed with glue. They were designed by his new blacksmith, Curtis Burns. This shoe style, glued to the horse’s hoof, has been worn by other racehorses with success.

Although they are expensive, trainer Kathy Ritvo hopes that the new shoes will prevent future mishaps. The unique feature of the new shoes is that they were shaped to conform to Mucho Macho Man’s feet.

Past performances of other racehorses are increasing the popularity of the shoes. Mucho Macho Man’s trainer is optimistic that the shoes will help the horse achieve success in other races.

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Workers who are not involved in the profession may envy teachers’ hours, their summer breaks, and their school vacations. Nevertheless, those outside of the profession may not realize the tight line that teachers straddle between teaching students, managing classrooms, interacting with administrators and satisfying parents. In addition to their many hats, teachers are now faced with dealing with legislative cuts and state standard requirements that are affecting their abilities to teach effectively.

In some districts, teachers’ evaluations and raises are also being more closely tied to students’ performances on standardized tests. Furthermore, the time period and age requirement to receive full pension benefits has been increased by three years. Thus, teachers are working harder than ever to balance the demands of the legislature and the needs of the students while their benefits are being cut or taking longer to accrue.

Districts are feeling the pinch of losing qualified teachers because of the changes and are worried that the increasingly high volume of retirements may impact students’ education. Districts know that senior teachers are familiar with the curriculum and have the expertise to mentor beginning teachers. Thus, they help many districts maintain their quality of education.

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AxoGen is located in Alachua, Florida, but will soon merge with LecTec, which is based in Texas. AxoGen, founded in 2002, creates products that improve peripheral nerve damage and assist both surgeons and patients. Damage to peripheral nerves can impair the ability to maintain strength in the muscles and perform simple actions or movements. AxoGen’s products are used to alleviate peripheral nerve damage in both soldiers and civilians by repairing, connecting and protecting tissue.

When privately owned, AxoGen and its partner Cook Biotech, licensed technology from the University of Texas and accumulated significant funding from other investors. The merger between AxoGen and LecTec is expected to help AxoGen expand and market its products.

LecTec recently won an intellectual property lawsuit, which provided the funds they are using to invest in AxoGen. The new company will operate under the AxoGen name and  LecTec shareholders are expected to approve the deal in September, which provides for the company to invest $10.5 million in AxoGen plus an additional $2 million, if needed.

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Dr. Steven Shores is moving his Gainesville area veterinary practice to a larger building that will the double the size of the animal hospital. The new Shores Animal Hospital, expected to open in November, will have updated facilities to service its many customers. The practice has approximately 30 employees, including three veterinarians.

Most business people hope that their business will grow and expand like the Shores Animal Hospital. Growth often leads to increased hiring and expanded services. However, as businesses grow, business owners are faced with new challenges and responsibilities which may include updating or reviewing their hiring policies, redefining employee expectations, executing employment contracts, and re-evaluating the corporate form of the business for tax, liability and operational purposes.

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